White Chalcedony Positivity Bracelet

Chalcedony has been called the "stone of brotherhood" that attracts energies of loving-kindness and goodwill to all. This stone absorbs negative energy and then melts it away so that it will not move to someone else. This stone is usually used to promote calmness, relieve depression, improve one's state of mind, to dispel self-doubt, build confidence, and prevent hostility and anger.

White chalcedony is also known as the “mother stone,” because of its properties that promote protection and nurturing.

The stone can be used for telepathy and transmission. It aligns the three human forces: the mind, the body, and the spirit.

As a stone of communication, the Throat Chakra is believed to be stimulated by it which in turn, allows the energy of other Chakras to be expressed actively as well. Its bearer can communicate their ideas, beliefs, and emotions freely.

Type: Bracelet
Material: Natural Stone
Stone: White Chalcedony, Red Carnelian, Citrine
Chain Type: Elastic
Size: 19cm | 7.5in
Bead Size:8mm

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