Volcanic Lava Bead 7 Chakra Healing Bracelet with Hamsa Evil Eye Protection

This is a gorgeous Volcanic Lava Bead bracelet with the 7 chakra stones. The volcanic beads are meant to bring grounding energy by connecting its owner to the earth and allowing stability especially during times of change. The volcanic beads provide guidance when making decisions and aid in feelings of calmness.

Also features the Hamsa which is meant to ward off negative energy. The Hamsa brings its owner happiness, luck, health and abundance.

This bracelet also features 7 Chakra Stones:

- ❤️Red Agate for protection
- 🧡Amber for Balance
- 🤎Tiger Eye for strength
- 💚Green King Stone to remove any negative energy or blockage
- 💙Turquoise for healing
- 🖤Lazurite to bring you clarity
- 💜Amethyst for peace

Size :8mm beads / stretch material to fit different wrists
- Unisex

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