This one-of-a-kind Wrap Bracelet features a combination of powerful healing stones! It is beautifully handmade with natural Jasper as well as a Turquoise stone center-piece. The combination of these two natural stones makes for the ultimate healing, protective, balancing, calming, and uplifting bracelet that will make you feel like a Lioness.

  Turquoise is recognized as the "December Birthstone du", representing victory and success, and has the reputation of "Success Stone" and "Lucky Stone". It is said that wearing it has the effect of gathering wealth, prospering wealth, avoiding evil, and protecting peace, which can strengthen wealth and courage, help peace of mind, broaden relationships, and help people maintain a cheerful and open personality, and help people release more easily. The energy of love.

  Turquoise is a gem given to us by nature. It contains a lot of trace elements that our body needs. Wearing turquoise for a long time can provide the trace elements that our body needs, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening the body.


  • Stone Size:22x17x5mm
  • Bead Size:4mm 5mm 5x3mm
  • Bracelet Length:20~21"+ 2" Closures for Adjustment
  • Bracelet Width:0.7~0.8"

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