Triple Protection Anklet


Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Hematite is a triple action protection crystals that help block, purify, and deflect negative energy.

Selenite is a very powerful and calming crystal that has the ability to clear away negative energy. It also magnifies the energy of any other gemstone that is placed upon it.
Chakra Healing: Crown: Center of higher consciousness.

Black Tourmaline can protect you from negative energy and emotions, purifies the mind and is a powerful grounding stone.
Chakra Healing: Root: Balance, harmony and protection.

Hematite stone dispels negativity and purifies the emotional realm. It balances the user's self-esteem and self-vision by sweeping away the negativity that often clouds our understanding of ourselves. Hematite is also good for organizing one's thoughts and developing logical thinking skills.
Chakra Healing: Root: Maintain a healthy energy level and be connected to nature.

Gemstone: Black Tourmaline, Selenite and Hematite
Bead Size: 3mm-4mm
Material: Silver Plated Spacer(alloy)
Anklet Length: An average size for an anklet is 9 inches to 9 1/2 inches.

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