Rainbow Eye Obsidian Ring

Obsidian is also known as "The Tears of Apache". In Indian legends, a team in the tribe was ambushed by the enemy, outnumbered, and the entire army was wiped out. When the bad news came, and the tears of the family weeping fell to the ground, turning into black little stones, hence the name "Tears of Apache".
Legend has it that whoever owns this black obsidian will never cry again, because the maiden of Apache has already shed all the tears for you, so obsidian is also called "the gem that no longer weeps." Giving obsidian to the one you like means no more crying and happiness.

Obsidian symbolizes peace and good luck, because obsidian was often used as amulets and blessings in ancient times. In addition, obsidian also means health and bravery, because obsidian corresponds to the base chakra of the human body, and the base chakra is responsible for stability and peace, and has a certain soothing effect on human emotions.

Material Stone: Black Obsidian, Rainbow Eye Obsidian, Natural Obsidian Stone, Alloy
Stone Size: Approx. 16x12mm, Adjustable
Ring Size: Adjustable

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