Love Heart Opal Charm Bracelets


When you wear a bracelet of natural healing gemstones, their energies radiate in all directions, deeply penetrating your body and aura, or energetic field. There, the gems work on neutralizing the energetic blockages that limit positive growth and lead to ill health. At the same time, the gemstones’ energies uplift and nourish all aspects of your being to energize and inspire you, enhance your health, and make enduring changes.

Opal is considered a stone representing hope, faithfulness and purity. It has strong connotations of happiness, loyalty and confidence. It has been said to be extremely beneficial in many physical realms as well, such as in treating infections and fevers. It is also said to help strengthen the memory, purify blood and kidneys, regulates insulin and eases childbirth.

Tiger’s Eye has always been regarded as a stone for enthusiasm. It provides a natural lust for life and now you can find out why! The smooth and elegant beads ignite an amorous aura between you and your partner, stimulating the sexual organs and enhancing libido. Known to resolve sexual issues, it encourages having a calm chat about the problems you’re facing. Make it humorous if it helps - it doesn’t have to be so awkward. Activating the root chakra, Tiger’s Eye causes higher energies to flow through the body, awakening an intense passion like no other. 

Materials: Opal, Amethyst, African Jasper, Turquoise, Pink Amethyst,Tiger Eye
Sizes: 6.7 inches with 2 inches adjustable closures
Handmade With Love and Carefully Manufactured
Comes in a Luckinstone gift bag

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