OAIITE Labradorite Stone Mala Bracelet


Labradorite has many virtues in lithotherapy. It would be a kind of mental protection to prevent anything that could affect the clarity of the mind and psychological balance.Therefore, it is recommended for people whose job it is to take care of others. It is a very soft stone that increases our sensitivity and develops our ability to empathize.

Labradorite encourages positive growth and empowers you to embrace change. It shields against negativity, protecting your aura from malicious energy. Feel its warm force field building around you. Release tension: fears, worries, doubts—they’re all manifestations of negativity. Get rid of them. After shedding an energetic weight, you should feel calmer and more present in the moment. Balancing your chakras, it ensures that your energy remains calm and avoids disruption. Count the mala beads during meditation or while reciting mantras to help contact your higher consciousness and increase your intuition. Keep your energy well-defended.

 Style: Necklace & Bracelet

- Metal: Natural Stone

- Natural Stone: Labradorite

- Stone Size:8MM

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