Natural 108 Mala Beads Amethyst Stone Healing Bracelet Necklace


Enhance your intuition and spiritual consciousness with this Amethyst Mala. Amethyst represents the Crown Chakra and helps to clear the mind of negativities and raises your hopes and self-awareness. This Amethyst mala facilitates meditation and brings a sense of spiritual calmness. It is said to be a ‘stone of peace’ that lifts the spirits and brings in hope.

The Lotus pendant represents the ability to be reborn and spiritual awakening. Consider the Amethyst Crown Chakra Mala if you want to spread peace, light, and love within yourself and for all you come in contact with.

Gemstones:Amethyst Stone
Bead Size:8mm
Length:Approx. 29-30 inches
Bead Count: 108 beads

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