Jade adjustable ring---Dream Stone

Tribes in New Zealand would use Jade to adorn their masks. They would also turn to the mystical powers of Jade when they wanted to make an offering to the water spirits. The Spanish also called Jade – Piedra de Hijada which translates to Stone of the Loin, perhaps in homage to Jades positive effect when it came to healing the bladder and problems with the kidney. There are two different minerals that are often referred to as Jade - Jadeite and Nephrite. The former is known also as Imperial Jade and is rarer. Nephrite Jade has a shinier more resin-like luster to its green color. Jade is rich in calcium-magnesium and along with shining light on the spiritual world, it can also help the nervous system to heal.

Ancient cultures would whisper that Jade was a Dream Stone. It’s highly renowned for its metaphysical magic and is often used as a tool in emotional healing, dreamwork, and connecting with higher realms. Back on the ground and Jade is also an amulet for good luck, a talisman for welcoming abundance, and a stone of sublime peace and well-being.

Stone: 12mm Jade

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