Physiologically, green agate is a precious gem for nourishing people. Green represents health. Long-term wearing can strengthen the vitality of the body. It is suitable for people who are frail or sick or who have just recovered. It can activate internal organs, prevent constipation, help eliminate toxins, and is harmful to liver disease, rheumatism, and nerves. Pain, varicose veins, etc. have soothing functions.  
In my mind, green agate can also balance positive and negative energies. First of all, it can relieve some people's psychological problems. When you have some pressure from work or life, you can wear green agate to relieve it. Green agate can inspire courage and make you brave. People who are prone to nervousness in front of the public or who are also prone to nervousness when they are about to take public examinations or performances can wear green agate to increase their confidence.  
Green agate has a very good beauty and beauty effect. Although it is not as powerful as garnet and rubellite, it is affordable and has a unique and beautiful color. Green agate can promote blood circulation, regulate metabolism, balance female hormone secretion, make women ruddy complexion and delay aging.  
Agate is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism, so green agate also has a strong role in warding off evil spirits and is often used as amulets.  
Almost all green gems have the effect of attracting wealth, so green agate is also a symbol of wealth. Wearing green agate can promote prosperity, happiness and longevity, so that you can play the power of a king in your work, making it easy to reach agreements and fame on.


Shell: 10mm
Green agate: 4mm, 10mm
Copper branches: 15*30mm

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