Double Bohemian Yoga Bracelet



Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass born quickly out of cooled lava from the volcano. This is why it has the most potent energies. It has the elements of fire, water, and earth.

Obsidian carries the inherent frequency of protection, sealing the aura and removing energetic attachments, hooks, and cords, as well as eliminating negative energies within the self and one’s environment.

Labradorite, also known as gray moonstone, gray moonstone, or flash stone, is a spar full of spirituality and healing properties. Labradorite helps to radiate personal charm and attract people with similar hearts. Therefore, labradorite is often considered to attract "soul mates" and protect love. In addition, labradorite is also a spar that can clean up negative energy and help sleep.

*Product Type: handmade stones bracelets.
*Material: 4mm amzonite, labradorite, aquamarine, Africian-jasper, sun stones.
*Making Technics: Full Handmade
*Size: 6.7 inch with adjustable.

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