This amazing necklace is made in
hand and features a large stone of
labradorite, symbol of the Dragon Heart - a
powerful amulet known for centuries.
And, in the true sense of the word, a stone
magic, a crystal of shamans, fortune tellers,
healers, useful to all who travel e
embrace the universe in search of
knowledge and guidance. .

I notice that the stones emit the most
part of their energy when they come in
contact with the skin. For this we have
designed a special shaped necklace
amulet with large mesh holes to make
work this powerful labradorite in
as efficient as possible and to be
visible from all angles.

● Necklace weight 40-50g

● Rope length: 23-38cm
。Note: It is important to clean and energize
stones and crystals as soon as you receive them.
Let them rest under cold water
tap current for 10-20 minutes. Self
you are near a natural river, the
stones and crystals can be put in a
open mesh bag and left for one
short period of time in running water

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