Butterfly Bracelets


White Agate is traditionally a stone of balance. It increases concentration and empowers you to focus for longer periods of time, keeping you in that analytical mind-state for as long as you need to. However, the real power of the White Agate comes from its ability to unlock your spiritual transformation. Release worries and fears that lurk in the shadows, reminders of your past that try to hold you back, and embrace the soothing energy of these smooth white beads.

 White agate:the color is round and the crystals are very bright. The effect of white agate is more than this. Since ancient times, the white agate rough stone-Bajin object, which has been used to ward off evil spirits, is used as amulets, symbolizing friendly love and hope, and helping to relieve stress. , Fatigue, turbidity and other negative energy. White agate can make people smart.

Material: White Agate
Color: white, blue, gold
Band type: elastic
Bead size: 0.39 in (10 mm)
Bracelet length: 6.29 - 7.08 in (16 - 18 cm)
Weight: 1.4 oz (40 g)


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