Mahogang Stone Beads and Mookaite set( BOGO)


Aiming at the natural stone belonging to the triclinic crystal system, it has meticulous and spiritual power, which can keep people calm thinking and enhance logic and memory. For people, prevention can help alleviate wounds.

 Clear quartz Efficacy: 📌 increase memory and concentration, clear the mind, and help improve work efficiency. 📌 can block electromagnetic radiation, prevent radiation, and purify the negative energy of the environment. 📌 has a soothing effect on depression, and also Help avoid disasters.

Mogolite Helps balance the mind and experience tranquility;
It helps to communicate with animals and strengthens the immune system.
Mogolite helps us choose a healthy lifestyle and eating habits; it helps the digestive system, detoxifies, fetal health and relieves uncomfortable metabolism.
Mo Ge Shi helps to eliminate negative thoughts, keep the wearer away from danger, and help individuals accept the opportunities, challenges, growth and changes in life.


Material: Golden Swan Stone,African Turquoise,Mookaite,Clear Quartz(10mm),Line.
Bracelet Size:19cm(Adjustable)

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