8mm Lapis Lazuli And Aventurine JaPaMala Beads Necklace(BOGO)

Enhances memory and intellectual abilities.
effective communication and harmonious relationships.
Reveals your inner thoughts, helps you see your talents and gifts.
Improves your ability to express yourself.

Dyed Chrysocolla
The stone of communication.
Helps with expression, empowerment and teaching.
Expels negative energy, clams and allows truth and inner wisdom
to be heard. Also the stone of compassion, peace and forgiveness.

Aventurine And Dyed Aventurine
Comforter and heart healer,
general well being/emotional calm.
A powerful protector and blocks entry of negative energy.
Helps one to open up to inner growth and spiritual work.

Blue Turquoise
Power, luck and protections.
Protector against all things evil.
Happiness, clear thinking, empowerment.
Relaxation, success, ambition, creativity.

Helps with emotional issues, and energy healing.
Balances stress and heals traumas.
Soothes energy in the home and at work.
Also known as the stone of courage and truth.

Bracelet Total Long :19cm
Necklace Total Long : 90cm

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