108 Mala White Chalcedony Beaded Stone Prayer Bracelet


White chalcedony has the effects and functions of physiological health care, relieving stress and promoting sleep. Wearing white chalcedony often can not only strengthen the human body's magnetic field, promote blood circulation, improve immunity, and maintain physical health, but also stabilize mood, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.
White chalcedony is more suitable for people with high psychological pressure, more negative energy, and frequent complaints and anxiety. It can calm people's heart, stabilize emotions, and bring positive energy and vitality to people.
White chalcedony not only has certain health care functions, but also improves sleep quality. It can regulate the functions of the five internal organs of the human body and nourish qi and blood. Putting white chalcedony on a pillow to sleep can avoid the disturbance of insomnia and nightmares, improve the quality of sleep, and help people nourish their energy. In addition, white chalcedony is worn by people on business trips and travels, which is helpful for health

Material: 108 pieces of 6mm white chalcedony

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