Amethyst is a symbol of love, known as the "guardian stone of love" in the West. Amethyst can endow couples with love of chastity, courage, honesty and depth.

  Amethyst can develop intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, mindfulness, increase memory, improve interpersonal relationships, give people courage and strength. Is said to have a powerful energy that can improve the personal magnetic field and adjust the air, and bring more good luck and protection.

  The effects lava stones have on the root chakra are similar to the grounding effects they can provide in general. These grounding effects can bring stability to the lava stone wearer’s life and can reduce their feelings of anxiety. It is thought this stability is due to the strong connection to the earth the lava stones possess.

  • Stone Size:46~48x16~20mm
  • Thickness:14~23mm
  • Bead Size:8mm
  • Necklace Length:28~32",Adjustable

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