108 Mala Aquamarine Beads Bracelet


Aquamarine:the birthstone of March, has a rich and icy bright blue color named after the sea, representing the endless blue ocean – making it a stone of protection and courage. Aquamarine utilizes water energy, the energy of stillness, bringing quite strength and purification, and it is a symbol of hope, health, and youth with the power of rebirth and regeneration. Aquamarine is also known to bring harmony, clarity, serenity, and tranquility. As the first of the spring birthstones, the sea blue crystal represents transformation and rebirth. It embodies youthful vitality, purity, loyalty, hope, and truth. A perfect birthstone for March, the Aquamarine creates a beautiful accent to spring and summer wardrobes. Whether it is an official or a casual event, one can never go wrong with aquamarines.

Materials: Aquamarine

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